SEO Reputation Management: Everything You Need to Know

Enter the name of any company into Google and analyze the results – the so-called search results. Most likely, they will be diverse: the official site, articles, review sites, videos, news, social networks, etc. However, in addition to the type of resource, the results differ in one more parameter – sentiment. It can be positive, neutral, and negative. To assess the quality of an online reputation, you need to calculate the percentage of content of each sentiment in the top 20, top 40, etc. Moreover, Read More +

SEO – Digital Marketing Channel for Promotion Your Website

It can be any search engine: Google, Bing, or even Chinese Baidu. All of them operate on the same principle: after entering a search query, from many sites are shown those that best answer the query in the opinion of the search engine. Usually, the struggle is for the TOP-10 of the first sites, since the share of transitions to the second page of the search engine is rather modest. The main task during SEO promotion is internal and external optimization. Internal optimization: content, site Read More +

What is Benchmarking? Internal Type of Benchmarking

What is Benchmarking? In plain language, benchmarking is the process of comparing a particular firm with competitors in a niche. And in this method comparing everything, beginning from the construction of sites and finishing with the search of those counters which do work of competitors better, than the client of the marketer who ordered service. The peculiarity of this type of research is its actual continuity. Because it is important for most entrepreneurs to know why things are not going as well as their competitors. Read More +

The Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO and Marketing

Marketers see the greatest benefit in extensions in significant time savings and acceleration of most processes. Knowing the most useful utilities for a specific version of Google Chrome can significantly increase both personal performance and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Choosing the right extensions for Google Chrome will help increase the efficiency of the marketer several times and save time on some processes. Chrome extension for SEO The category of these extensions includes special SEO plug-ins for the Google Chrome browser. They can be used Read More +

SEO Promotion for Landing Page

After creating a landing page, you can assume that the first step in promoting a product or service of the company has been made. But it is important to remember that any product or service, even the highest quality, needs advertising. You can advertise them through various channels: paid and free. PPC advertising, which literally stands for “pay per click” With this type of advertising, payment is made for the user’s click on the link. Thus, there is a relationship: the more clicks, the higher Read More +

What Is Location Marketing Or How Not To Lose Customers From The Search

Location marketing is a series of measures to optimize the presence of a business in organic search, on maps, directories, and other sites working with local search. With proper organization, location marketing allows you to get new customers from the search, which, perhaps, are now making a purchase from your competitor. What is location marketing? Marketing of any company can be divided into four main areas: brand marketing (technology, processes, service, social mission, etc.); marketing of goods/services (what we sell and why it is something Read More +

Top 5 Mistakes in Google AdWords

Invest in contextual advertising, but sales are not growing? In this article, we’ll help you deal with the most common errors with Google AdWords. This information will be useful for both beginners and those who already have experience in contextual advertising campaigns. 1. Use Google Analytics with goals and remarketing Goals help you better track the performance of your ad and landing page. You can track the visitor’s path through the sales funnel to the target action, for example: Visiting specific pages, such as shopping Read More +

The Importance of Local SEO

Optimization for the local audience allows you to successfully compete with the giant brands in the local area. What do you need to do? What is local SEO? This is a search engine optimization strategy that helps to achieve high positions in search results for geo-dependent queries — where the city, region or just the user’s location is specified. On average, half of all that people search in search engines is local requests. For example, in Google, their share is 46% of the total number Read More +

Web masters’ advice about website linking

Search-Engines have made searching for information convenient and quick. This efficiency is brought to search-engines through rigorously formulated algorithms which are relentlessly and consistently upgraded to eliminate loopholes, if any. However, the impact that search-engines have on online searching has generated, led to various malpractices among website developers and promoters. Search Engine Optimisation thrives on these practices although most of them are condemned and discouraged by Google and other search-engines. It is an undeniable fact that to get noticed on the internet has become tough. Read More +