SEO – Digital Marketing Channel for Promotion Your Website

SEO - Digital Marketing Channel for Promotion Your Website

It can be any search engine: Google, Bing, or even Chinese Baidu. All of them operate on the same principle: after entering a search query, from many sites are shown those that best answer the query in the opinion of the search engine.

Usually, the struggle is for the TOP-10 of the first sites, since the share of transitions to the second page of the search engine is rather modest.

The main task during SEO promotion is internal and external optimization.

Internal optimization:

  • content,
  • site load speed,
  • an extension of landing pages for search queries,
  • UX/UI convenience,
  • compliance with search engine requirements;

External optimization:

The more high-quality sites link to your resource, the more likely it is to gain trust from search engines and be higher than competitors.

Usually, this is working with catalogs, media, thematic resources, and blogs. For topics where it is quite difficult to get backlinks, they usually create their own networks of sites to upgrade the main one or work with the released thematic domains and their further restoration.

SEO advantages:

  • low user acquisition cost and long-term ROI;
  • after bringing the site to the TOP, it will not require constant costs and you will be able to receive relatively free traffic, since, unlike contextual advertising, you do not need to pay for every click;
  • a large number of users switch to organic search more often by scrolling through ad units;
  • more trust – according to user reviews, trust in sites from organic search is higher than from advertising;
  • you can promote any goods or services, even from “black” topics.

SEO disadvantages:

  • time to bring the site to the TOP and the costs of implementing technical improvements to the site, writing content, and buying links, usually, after starting work on a new website, it takes three months or more to get visible results;
  • not very suitable for seasonal businesses;
  • when using black promotion methods, there is a risk of falling under the filter and losing all traffic from the search engine;
  • the periodically updated search algorithm may affect your rankings and traffic;
    strict geographic referencing, it is quite difficult to promote a site throughout the country without separately optimized pages for each region or city.

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