Web Marketing

SEO is perhaps the first basic web marketing work to do with a new website but this will always provide a limited amount of traffic and can take time to take effect and build-up.

We provide Social Media Marketing, Adwords and other Pay Per Click (PPC) Jacksonville businesses can get highly relevant and great value traffic from.

With our services for Google Adwords Jacksonville businesses will get a managed account to get them the optimum positions in the paid for links that appear beside Google’s results: this means getting the best balance between the cost of a position and the traffic from a position. We will base the cost per click we aim for on a calculated value considering the conversion rate shown through Adwords, Jacksonville businesses can therefore almost guarantee a return after initial setup.

As well as Adwords we can run other accounts for PPC Jacksonville businesses may find that they get better conversions from other Pay Per Click programs. These include those used on some Shopping Comparison sites, often flat fee based PPC, Jacksonville businesses with something to sell may find this most profitable as most clicks will lead to a sale.

The other main alternatives to Adwords Jacksonville business owners should consider is Yahoo and Microsoft’s ad systems, which often have less competition for a keyword making this much better value PPC Jacksonville businesses can benefit from. If margins aren’t an issue of course and you want to get large amounts of traffic with as quick a setup time as possible it is Adwords Jacksonville businesses should focus on to get their business going with the minimal risk.

Social Media marketing can benefit businesses in many ways. Awareness is one way that Social Media marketing can be used and is especially effective when used to target people in a local area or a specific community such as the local business community or local twenty-somethings. Because these people already form communities with people they know in real life on Social Media it means you can make your brand part of that community. You can then use Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to either drive traffic to your website or simply use social media marketing to make them aware of your existence and perhaps location and contact details.


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