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We want to make sure that what we do is effective and so first of all we will check that you have a suitable website for SEO, it must be easy for the software used by search engines to be able to read and understand and it must also be possible to easily add content optimised for search engines, if this isn’t possible we may recommend a new website, which we are able to build, often using WordPress depending on your needs.

If you have a suitable site though we can move straight on with getting your website to rank highly for the best search terms that will bring you relevant traffic that will maximise conversions on your site.

We are proud of the Jacksonville SEO services we provide and the number of satisfied customers we have, a lot of SEO companies will simply go for the most obvious high traffic keywords and provide their clients with a lot of traffic. We however provide keywords that may have lower traffic but which are more relevant and also easier to rank for due to lower competition: this means for the same amount of effort you can rank well for many different search terms and bring in a similar and often higher amount of traffic.

Often we focus on local search terms, for example ‘Jacksonville SEO’ has a lot less competition than simply ‘SEO’ but the traffic we get is likely to be much more valuable to us and we can do the same for your business in Jacksonville. SEO research for search terms can also consider what your must wanted response is, if you only want people who are looking to buy we will choose search terms linking directly to a buying intentions such as ‘widgets with free shipping ’.

Also for successful SEO we must build inbound links to increase Search Engines’ awareness of your site, here we maximise success by building links from relevant pages on relevant sites to help search engines further understand what your site is about.

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