SEO Promotion for Landing Page

SEO Promotion for Landing Page

After creating a landing page, you can assume that the first step in promoting a product or service of the company has been made. But it is important to remember that any product or service, even the highest quality, needs advertising. You can advertise them through various channels: paid and free.

PPC advertising, which literally stands for “pay per click”

With this type of advertising, payment is made for the user’s click on the link. Thus, there is a relationship: the more clicks, the higher the price of advertising. There is no bid here, as it is tracked by key queries. In some cases, it can be minimal, and in other key queries enormous.

In the USA, companies use this scheme for their work. The most popular of them is Google Ads. Many experts note in the work of this corporation much advantages, for example:

  • it is one of the largest search engines;
  • when entering a query in the Google field, the user informs the system which product or service he needs the most. This way, the ad will respond to the request and the customer will be less annoyed by being distracted by unnecessary spam. Thus, loyalty and the chance for further cooperation increase.

When working with networks, it is important to remember that they are commercial entities. So, sometimes there is a principle: whoever paid more is more important. But here plays a role in the concept of “advertising quality”. In other words, the ads must match the key that the user enters in the address bar. Also, advertising usually corresponds to the geography of users. In some cases, even the device from which the user entered the global network can play a role. These factors also apply to landings.

Summarize the information possible with the following conclusions:

CPC (cost per click)

As a result, we can derive the formula for the perfect and quality ad: the price of the advertiser for 1 click + the degree of relevance of the landing and the ad + the level of likeability.

It is important to remember that the structure in question is commercial. Because of this, those ads have a higher CPC. For example, if 60 people clicked on the first ad and 15 on the second, but the price was the same, the first option would appear in the search query at a higher level. But if you raise the price per click on the second ad, then their position in the search and profitability will be equal. Therefore, all formulas must be analyzed and calculated together with each other, not separately.

Here are some helpful tips for setting up advertising:

  1. You should not try to sharpen one landing under different systems. It is necessary to understand that the requirements of the systems are different. Therefore, it is better to customize landing pages differently for each system.
  2. For a successful campaign, it’s important to be able to set up your advertising correctly. The more precisely the keys are selected, the higher the chance to reach your specific target audience.
  3. To optimize the budget, it is necessary to experimentally choose the most optimal rate price.

Also important not to hesitate to create multiple ads for different key groups. Experiments can demonstrate which key queries are most effective and which are wasteful.

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