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8 Essential Things to Remember About SEO

1. Research local themed keywords There is no point trying to compete for the term ‘dental services’ on Google, you would have to put in a lot of effort and you would end up with mainly visitors from other areas. One important trick for successful dental SEO is to use locally focused keywords such as ‘Orlando dental services’ for example, you will have far less competition and will find that far more visits convert into bookings.  2. Include keywords for any specializations People don’t just search for Read More +

Mistakes You Can Make Doing SEO by Yourself

When it comes to SEO, there are some common mistakes made by most people, even the experts. It is important that these mistakes are avoided to ensure the effectiveness of online marketing strategies. The title of the page is a crucial factor considered by search results. It determines the content of a particular webpage. Hence, each and every page on the website should have its own unique title which is a reflection of the content as well as the purpose of the company. Having the same Read More +

Don’t Make These Four SEO Mistakes

Many small business owners want to give online marketing, especially SEO, a go themselves to save money, a little knowledge is often dangerous though and the intricacies of running a SEO, or PPC, campaign are often missed. Selecting keywords that seems right for you Assuming that your website design is not as important Neglecting Content of your website Building nor related links to your website read more …