Monthly Archives: April 2012

Common SEO Mistakes

SEO or search engine optimization is something which is done by most webmasters to get good traffic from the search engines. If the webmaster does it themselves it is almost free and if they employ an expert, then it can cost a good sum of money. Therefore a small website owner will prefer to do the search engine optimization himself. It is not a big deal and with a little practice, can be mastered. However there are some common mistakes which any newbie will inevitably Read More +

New SEO developments

Google had made some changes in the SERP real estate and one of the results of these changes was that organic listings were pushed further down. SEO strategies which were put into place have become even more important today. Here are a few tips which will help you go a long way in setting the basics right- Create convincing and persuasive content Content is the king and this is also understood by the search engines. However along with informative and forceful contents videos, informative graphics, Read More +

How SEO can give Jacksonville businesses a boost

Small businesses in Jacksonville Florida like businesses everywhere are looking to find simple advantages over their competition. Competition is tough and one small advantage or USP can really give a business a boost. SEO is one way to get that boost, if you know how to use it or get someone who knows how to use it to do your website’s SEO for you. For businesses in Jacksonville SEO could make a big difference to business and can be used to attract both local customers Read More +