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What you need to know about URL Canonicalization

It’s very simple… If your website home page can be displayed via multiple pages (see below) Google may decide by itself what page to pick as the best representation of a website: From Google’s technical perspective all these website URLs are different and each of the URLs may accumulate the inbound links separately which may decrease the ranking of the website. Here is a few recommendations: Use 301 redirect to point all URLs to one domain URL (I personally prefer Build links to Read More +

IB Systems provide Social Network Web Design

IB Systems provides design and development of the Social Network Web sites. Social Media should have impacted on how you interact with your customers by now, not least if you are purely an online business. There is still a disconnect though between business’ Social Media efforts and their website. Social network website design though is the inevitable next development for any true social business. Social media can fill in the gaps between what a bricks and mortar store or office offers and what can be offered online: Read More +

$100 Google AdWords Coupon could be yours

SEO Jacksonville offer $100 Google AdWords Coupon to new customers with a purchase any services including SEO Optimization Web Marketing, website design. Contact us at 904.425.9679

Can Social Medial Help Jacksonville businesses with SEO and Web Marketing?

Many people working in SEO have ignored Social Media for a long time and seen it as something separate, another area of Internet Marketing but nothing to do with the important task of maximizing search engine rankings. Businesses too who are unsure how to use Social Media often focus on SEO, Jacksonville businesses though can benefit from working with an SEO company who know what a benefit Social Media can be. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have no follow links, these are no use Read More +

2012 SEO Predictions

2012 SEO will as always be dominated by Google and it may be a tougher year than ever for those SEO professionals using out of date techniques. The effects of the Panda update were of course felt hard by some in 2010 and in 2011 but if you still aren’t ready in 2012 then you may find yourself hit even if you aren’t what has in the past been seen as a black hat SEO site. Unless you were in major contravention of what Google were looking Read More +