Mistakes You Can Make Doing SEO by Yourself

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When it comes to SEO, there are some common mistakes made by most people, even the experts. It is important that these mistakes are avoided to ensure the effectiveness of online marketing strategies. The title of the page is a crucial factor considered by search results. It determines the content of a particular webpage. Hence, each and every page on the website should have its own unique title which is a reflection of the content as well as the purpose of the company. Having the same title for more than one page would hurt the search engine rankings of the particular website. Also, the title should preferably contain the keyword or the keyword phrase that the website intends to optimize.

Most people do not properly understand meta keyword tags. Search engines have declared officially that these tags are not used to determine the content of a web page; this policy affected the rank of a page in previous years but not anymore. Their usage is quite unnecessary and moreover, a waste of time and effort when added to each and every page. You are also letting out key information regarding your SEO to your fellow competitors.

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