What is the Future of the Search Engine

Google SEarch Engine Future The Future Search EngineAfter fourteen years of Google’s domination, the internet world undoubtedly has come a long way to change the life of people. With the advancements made in the field of IT the internet has become an integral part of every person’s life and without it life is unimaginable. Searching on the internet has also undergone huge changes and presently it is absolutely easy to get everything on the internet. Google in particular has paid a lot of emphasis on the result provided by the search engine and come up with new ways to offer users with more accurate results. The sophisticated and intricate search algorithms of Google have helped it to attain new heights and make it a preferred search engine for people throughout the world. Read more …

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The Positive and Negative Aspects of PageRank

PageRank is an important element which used as a ranking tool for websites. The founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page invented the idea of PageRank. The idea of PageRank gave Google a clear edge over its competitors as it helped improve the validity and accuracy of a search response to the user. With the help of PageRank, Google can determine the value of a website on any given keyword phrase or search term. The determination of the value depends on how websites are linked with better or popular sites receiving increased number of links. Through these links the PageRank value of a site goes up and is displayed higher in Google search results.

There are various reasons as to why the PageRank of a website might drop suddenly. Paid links are adopted by most of the companies to increase the PageRank of their site where the links from the website go to another website. The paid links can be in the form of text links or even anchor text. Although most websites contain such type of links as it is one of the preferred modes of advertising but paid links with a rel=”no follow” attribute are not considered good for a website. These links might put an adverse effect on the search engine results as every time the web page is crawled, the spider follows every link to your website. If the linked page does not have any relation with the content of your website, the search engine will not be able to come up with the desired query for the content of your website. As a result the search engine’s overall performance gets affected and you might face penalization.

Every paid link along with affiliate links should include the nofollow attribute apart from the registration and login page. Presently Google requires the nofollow attribute on the paid links as selling or buying of links that pass the PageRank is considered to be a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. So it is extremely important to make sure that the links being traded are relevant links and not with any link farm. It is always better to focus on gathering links that come from quality sites and are relevant to your website. This way the PageRank of your website will definitely improve and increase the number of visitors to your site.

Keywords are an important part of any content and a lot of effort needs to be put in to come with the right keywords for the articles on your site. The content should be logically named and the keywords should be the words that people would generally use to search your articles. The sites with good and unique content always attract large number of visitors as people always look for something new. Linking can definitely be used to increase the PageRank of your site but care should be taken to make sure that they are from relevant and quality sources.

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There are ways in which the effects of SEO can be maximised

SEO (search engine optimization or optimizers) is an internet marketing strategy that has been garnering steady public support and getting a number of products their required sales pitch. The internet is a vast source of information and search engines provide an easily accessible interface through which a user can gain entry into the online vaults of knowledge. The beauty of the internet lies in the fact that it can make available so much to us at the click of a mouse button.

The main purpose of a SEO system is to maximise this user aspect and make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. The webmasters and providers of content for the internet erode in on this method towards the mid-1990s, when the internet was still a novel concept for many and search engines were cataloguing the initial batches of information on the Web.

Towards 1997, the term for this method was coined and popularized by a certain John Audette and his marketing enterprise. This was welcomed by site owners who rejoiced at the enhanced visibility of their sites in the results churned out by search engines, in response to specific keywords.

Earlier, advertising of data was done by the addition of a meta tag (elements present in HTML based search results about Web pages) and their use as metacontent (data content about data content).

But with the advent of SEO, search engines find it much easier to provide the user with the data that is most suitable to their needs and this allows the user to save up on time as well, since the search for information takes shorter time periods. Hence, this method is really advantageous. Looking for more information ?, look no further than Uniqpartner.com .

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Small Business SEO by Local Affordable SEO Company

97% of Americans look for local goods and services online so there is basically no type of business who can’t benefit from having a website and making sure it can be found by the right people. Appearing in organic search results on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo costs nothing in itself and if you want to appear for locally focused terms it can be relatively little work to make sure you appear top or close to top of results using seo.

Seo ( Search engine Optimization) makes changes to your site and its content to make sure that search engines like Google understand your site’s content and can match it to search queries. Affordable SEO for small businesses may simply ensure that the site is visible, has no major errors on it and meets basic guidelines from Google, then an affordable SEO company may also find highly relevant search terms that people are looking for locally and add them to your site. Depending on how many rivals you have locally it may also be necessary to add some links on other sites that go through to your site to show Google that other sites recommend and trust you, the more relevant they are the better value and more affordable seo will be.

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What Can Benefit Small Business SEO

What the owner of a small business wants is definitely to make sure the business website is visible to the potential clients searching on search engines for product and services a small business offers. Below is a 12 SEO steps which may be helpful to know and to practice.

1. 301 permanent redirects

2. Use Google Webmaster tools, validate and sign up for e-mail forwarding

3. Domain Background Check

4. Fetch as Googlebot, make sure text is indexable

5. Include Analytics

6. Great experience for different stakeholders

7. Define your conversion: most wanted response

8. Include relevant keywords naturally in your copy

9. Unique title, meta descriptions, url,

10. Descriptive anchor text

11. Avoid guaranteed rankings, link schemes

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Use Google+ and 1+ to Improve Your SEO

First of all lets get clear what Google+ and +1s are, Google+ is a social network similar to Facebook or Linkedin but with its own unique features too. +1s are related to Google+ and a little like Facebook Likes but they also have an affect on how Google search results are shown, rather than just what is shown within Google+ itself.

At first Google+ only allowed Individual accounts, which are useful and should be setup for those customers looking to interact with you directly. You can now setup a business page as well though, which could boost your dental practice further and help with SEO.

Google+ is a great tool for building relationships with your clients and also reaching out to your clients contacts and other local businesses and individuals.

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Small Business SEO: the Right Way

As a small business finding time to do your SEO internally is one of the biggest barriers you will come across, unfortunately to do it well you need to work at it, this means setting aside time each day, either that or outsourcing it.

SEO is partly about trial and error, once you have it setup rather than just leaving it you need to maintain it and as a lantern will go out if you don’t keep turning the wick your SEO rankings will drop and die out if you don’t keep adding fresh content to your site.

Content creation has always been the best way to achieve good rankings, there have been other flashes in the pan in the past but Google want to see you creating high quality unique content on a regular basis for your website and you can then slip in a few keywords carefully to make sure you rank for the right terms.

To research those keywords terms you may want to use an SEO company, if you do  them yourself you should use professional software rather than simply Google’s keyword tool that over-simplifies choosing keywords; the level of competition plus the quality of competition (not considered by Google’s tool) is vital and you should choose your battles carefully.

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Matt Cutts speaks on Penguin, Panda Updates SEO Affect

Matt Cutts Headshot Wikipedia 201x300 Cutts gives insights into Penguin, Panda and Google PhilosophyAccording to Matt Cutts the Penguin Penalty isn’t what Google consider a penalty but simply an Algorithm change. All semantics really but Matt Cutts in an interview at SMX (the Search Marketing Expo) certainly didn’t seem to suggest he or Google had any remorse for the Penguin update they unleashed earlier this year.

In an interview that will be fascinating to anyone with a passing interest in Search Engine Optimization Matt Cutts also confirms that there are no Penguin Updates yet despite what some think and it is data refreshes that have seen some sites recover, presumably where they have got rid of the links that were causing them problems.

The Penguin update of course has bought up question from observers about negative SEO and many site owners believe that their competitors have used this against them.

Google certainly have removed websites from results or given them a penalty, sorry the algorithm has drastically reduced their ranking, as a result of what Google sees as spam links. So how can Google tell the difference between a link maliciously placed on a bad neighborhood to one that a site owner has had placed there as part of a linking scheme?

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What You Need to Do to Avoid Being Filtered by Google Penguin

If you own a small business and have a website that has ever used any kind of SEO you need to be aware of Google’s Penguin update, a few things may be true though.

You may have used SEO services in the past and recently found that the amount of traffic and new customers you have from your site has fallen drastically, you may have been luckier and only found a slight fall so far, you may not have had a fall yet but still be at risk or you may be lucky and have a website where all the SEO done in the past has been to a great standard and you have nothing to worry about.

SEO services vary greatly some SEO consultants use what are known as ‘Black Hat’ techniques, these often get massive traffic briefly by tricking Google but Google generally catches up with them in the end and Penguin is about not just ignoring the effects of these techniques but actually penalizing you for using them.

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Can Google Penguin Recovery be Done for Small Businesses

Google Penguin Update SEOIf you ever thought as a webmaster that Google were on your side that myth may have been blown out of the water with Google Penguin. In the past Google have slowly rolled out changes and seen the effects they have had on sites before rolling them out completely.

It seems with Google Penguin though Google have got fed up with being patient and just rolled out massive algorithm changes with little regard for what websites it effects.

Google say Penguin improves search results for its users but many believe that Google has gone too far and as well as removing a lot of spam sites from results it has punished some good quality sites as well.

The work on setting about your site’s penguin recovery has probably started now if you keep up to date with SEO news. What though about those businesses who have in the past handed over their money to so called experts, many of whom will have used Black Hat techniques to get quick results and get paid?

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