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Businesses have a choice when choosing an SEO company, the SEO company they work with doesn’t even have to be local, though it does help. At SEO Jacksonville FL we understand that customers have a choice though and so strive to offer great value while offering the best service and at the end of the day what is important to any business: results that positively effect your bottom line.

SEO Packages Jacksonville

All of this starts with us understanding your business and what you want to achieve so that at SEO Jacksonville FL we can work towards delivering you not just traffic to your website but relevant traffic. You may need local traffic and working with a local Jacksonville SEO company means that you can be sure that they understand the local economy and what people will be looking for online; it’s also a lot easier for you to communicate with a local SEO company as well of course.

Jacksonville SEO have a number of stages in their SEO packages:

Looking at Competition

Unlike many SEO companies Jacksonville SEO start by looking at your competitors: this gives us an insight into what types of keywords they are having success with but also which keywords are going to take a lot of effort to rank well for due to the level of competition.

Awareness of your website

Next we work to get your website and all of its pages looked at by search engines so they know they are there and what is there. This may involve building links from other related websites that Google is already aware of and regularly checks.

Search Result placement

We must make sure that you are not just appearing in search engines but appearing for the right keyword searches and getting rankings towards the top of Google to increase traffic. We therefore research suitable keywords to put on to your website and if needed create content to include these keywords

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